Saint Dominic Savio Parish Church (Mandaluyong)

The Church of Saint Dominic of Savio:


Saint Dominic Savio Parish Church


Other Pictures of the Church:

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Cathedral of the Holy Child-Iglesia Filipina Independiente (Mandaluyong)

Cathedral of the Holy Child:

Cathedral of the Holy Child

Cathedral of the Holy Child

Cathedral of the Holy Child

Cathedral of the Holy Child


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Don Bosco Chapel (Mandaluyong)

Don Bosco Chapel Mandaluyong

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San Felipe Neri Parish Church/ The Church of Mandaluyong (Mandaluyong City)

The Church of Mandaluyong:

San Felipe Neri Parish Church

About the Church: In October 30,1863 the Parish was erected Canonically with Reverend Father Francisco Gimenez as Parish Priest. In 1870, Father Gavino Ruiz, the incumbent Parish Priest was authorized to purchase a new Church site from the Augustinian Fathers for 475 Pesos con 35 Centimos. The corner stone of the Church was blessed on March 25,1870.

My Thoughts About the Church: Having been a long time resident of Mandaluyong i found it odd that i do not know anything about the Oldest Church of the City. All I knew was that it was the oldest but as to how old?? Searching the internet about the Church turned negative so we decided to pay the Church Office a Visit and thanks to Ms. Marlyn Bernardo for giving us a Brief History of the Parish.

The Church is a Beautiful stone Church dedicated to San Felipe Neri. It has the unique distinction of being the only Church in the Philippines with San Felipe Neri as its Patron.

Where is the Church Located: The San Felipe Neri Parish Church is located along Boni Avenue, Barangay Poblacion in the City of Mandaluyong

How Can the Church by Contacted: The Church can be contacted thru Telephone No(s) 5314827 and 5312931. They may be contacted also thru their Facebook Page: San Felipe Neri Parish (OFFICIAL)

Map Showing the Location of the Church:

San Felipe Neri Parish Church of Mandaluyong

Other Pictures of the Church:
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San Roque Parish Church (Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila)

About the Church: San Roque Parish, Mandaluyong City belongs to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila, Philippines. The parish church is located in Barangka Ilaya, Mandaluyong City. The parish was canonically erected in 1971 by His Eminence Cardinal RUFINO SANTOS. The titular of the parish is San Roque , the patron saint in times of sickness and famine. It has five (5) sub parishes, namely San Roque East, San Roque West, San Roque North, St. Jude and San Antonio distributed in the four (4) barangays – Barangka Ilaya, Barangka Ibaba, Barangka Itaas, and Barangay Malamig. (Sourced from Philippine Churchs)

Location of the Church: The Church is located in San Roque Street, Barangay Ilaya, Mandaluyong City

Contact Number of the Church: 531-0009

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Archbishop’s House – Villa San Miguel (Mandaluyong, Metro Manila)

About the Archbishop’s House: The Archbishop’s Palace in Intramuros, Manila was heavily damaged during the Second World War. The Arzobispado was transferred to Tayuman, Manila and then to San Miguel, Manila. 

A place for the New Residence of the Archbishop of Manila was sought by then Vicar General Rufino Santos. He purchased Villa Grimault in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong. The Villa was renamed Villa San Miguel in honor of Saint Michael the Archangel, the Archbishop’s Patron Saint.

In 1960 the Old House was infested by Termites and a new house was built. The present house was designed by Jose Ma Zaragoza.

My Thoughts on the Archbishop’s House: Having been a long time resident of Mandaluyong, and passing by Villa San Miguel everyday, it was just today (4/29/2012) that I was able to see what Villa San Miguel looks like from the inside. From the outside you can not see anything as it is a gated Compound with trees all over to cover the house. Inside is a welcome sight from all the concrete buildings and houses nearby. The Main House is where they now hold Masses every sunday, the Small Chapel beside the Gate House looks like it is already too small to handle all the people who go their for Mass. 

The Main House is very simple, but it has a quiet elegance to it, befitting a prince of the Church. The small chapel, from what is written on the Plaque in front of it, now houses a Silver Retablo which dates back to the time of the Spanish Archbishop of Manila Basilio Sancho y Santa Justa y Rufina.

Location of the Archbishop’s House: The Archbishop’s House or Villa San Miguel is located along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. Entrance to the Villa is thru the Cardinal Sin Gate. It is just beside Toyota Motors Shaw.

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Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy (Maysilo Circle,Mandaluyong)

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Church @ Mandaluyong City

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