Saint Augustine Parish Church/ Parokya ni San Agustin/ Church of Bay (Bay, Laguna)

About the Church: In 1571, Father Martin de Rada, the superior of Augustinian religious who came with the Legaspi expedition in 1565 starred to build a bamboo and nipa church under the patronage of St.Augustine along the lakeshore of Bay( i.e., presently known as Barangay San Antonio/Aplaya). He became the first parish priest of Bay. was initially constructed by Franciscan Fr. Geronimo Hervas in 1804 and completed by Fr. Pedro Moya in 1864. It was first destroyed by an earthquake and then during the World War II. It was rebuilt in 1953. It has a simple early renaissance facade which has a semicircular arched main entrance, windows and a pediment. A four-storey bell tower is lying beside the church. (Sourced from Wiki Pilipinas)

My Thoughts on the Church: The first time i visited this Church was in 2010. And the most noticeable change i noticed (May 2012) is the flooring. They now added Machuca Tiles. Though there are still some parts of the church where more tiles are needed the new look of the Church’s flooring is impressive and more suited to a Heritage Church like the Saint Augustine Church. Though one thing i noticed, the entrance flooring (tiles) is very slippery, my sister almost slipped and I did as well. I hope they reconsider the type of tiles they installed at the front of the entrance.

Visit their Facebook Page: Saint Augustine Parish Church FB

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The Church of Bay:

Church of Bay

Location of the Church: The Church is located along JP Rizal Avenue in the Town Center of Bay. Beside is the Liceo de Bay and the Municipal Hall.

Google Map of the Church: Saint Augustine Church Map

Other Pictures of the Church:

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